Two new CPAN modules: Tk::HListbox and Tk::HMListbox

I am pleased to announce the release of two new Perl/Tk modules to CPAN: Tk::HListbox and Tk::HMListbox! I created these to enable my custom Perl/Tk file-manager to support an additional column of icons representing the type of file being displayed.

Tk::HListbox is a drop-in replacement for the classic Tk::Listbox widget that is based on Slaven Rezic’s Tk::HList providing the ability to use images in addition to or in place of text strings in a “Listbox.” by providing a “Tk::Listbox” interface to Tk::HList.

Tk::HMListbox is a drop-in replacement for either Tk::SMListbox or Tk::MListbox based on Tk::HListbox instead of Tk::Listbox. This composit widget provides all the features of Tk::SMListbox plus the added features of Tk::HListbox allowing the ability to use images in addition to or in place of text strings in the tied listbox columns.

My next goal is to get JFM4 bundled up into a proper CPAN package and release it soon!  I wrote JFM4 several years ago using Rob Seegel’s Tk::MListbox, since I never found another file-manager in Linux which I liked.  Here’s what I want above and beyond what other file-managers offer:

  • Customizable to allow me to not only have a default program to launch / action to take when double-clicking on a file, but also a right-click drop-down list of alternate programs / actions to take on a particular file type, which I could add program options to on the fly!
  • Ability to choose a file from both panels for certain actions (in a custom “Actions” menu), specifically for programs like “mgdiff” (a graphical file comparisen program).
  • A file-manager that could take advantage of my Net::xFTP module so that I could have both local and networked file-systems displayed!
  • Ability to compose commands, with wildcards in a “command-line” to run as one-offs, optionally to selected files, and save my recent ones in a drop-down list for repeating.
  • I also wanted the ability to right-click on a directory and have a drop-down list of programs / options to apply to a directory, just like a file-type.  This was for programs that can open directories, such as GQView and Audacious.
  • Ability to type in a Perl regular-expression and reduce the file listing down to matching files.
  • Customizable drop-down list of file-types to reduce the file listing down to matching files.
  • Combined tree and row-listing of files in a given local (or networked) file-system.
  • One-button option to show / hide hidden files.
  • Dropdown lists of named, frequently-used directories, and recently chosen directories.
  • Ability to capture (or ignore) STDOUT and STDERR output from programs launched / actions taken.
  • Work on Windows and Linux.

Suffice it to say, I haven’t come across another file-manager that gave me all these desired features!

Soon after I created JFM4, I created Tk::SMListbox to provide sortable columns with up and down arrows indicating which column the files were sorted by.  I was content with this for personal use for years, but never got around to releasing it publicly.  Probably because it did not support the cute little icons that pretty much every OTHER file manager offers these days, though I was happy with it.

JFM4 File Manager, written in Perl/Tk“; May 28, 2015;  image by (c:2015) me.

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