Fauxdacious For Windows (with executable installer) Released!

I’m happy to announce my latest release of the Fauxdacious Media Player (version 3.83-beta3) with a full-functioning Windows version complete and bundled with a simple to use executable installer program created using the free and open Inno Setup Wizard!    (Get it Here:  http://phoenixcomm.net/~jturner/Fauxdacious_install.zip)  If you’re not familar with Audacious / Fauxdacious, it’s an audio and (with Fauxdacious) video player for both Linux/Unix and Windows.  Why use Fauxdacious instead of another video player?  With Fauxdacious, you also get one of the best audio player engines with many audiophile-ish sound-enhancing plug-ins!  Another reason is that unlike most Windows-based media players, Fauxdacious and Audacious are fully free and open-source programs with no binary blobs for malware to hide in!  One feature of interest to many Windows users is the option to use the classic “WinAmp Skins” interface, which uses the same “skins” as the old Windows “WinAmp” media player (see the bottom screenshot).  The default interface is the more modern-looking “GTK” interface, but it’s easily switchable to the WinAmp interface in [File].[Settings].(Appearance): Interface plug-in: and change the dropdown menu, then select your “skin”.  To turn on the video-playing option, simply select [Settings].[Plugins].[Input tab].[x] FFmpeg Plugin, then [Settings button] and check the box: “[x] Play video streams in popup window…”.
I understand the Audacious Team has now also created an installable version of their Windows version for v3.8.  This closes Audacious-rejected feature request #613.  This culminates nearly three weeks of hard work to build this thing for Windows.  I had held off doing this until I had a new machine with a huge hard disk that I could dedicate plenty of space for the Windows 7 partition in order to accomodate downloading the MingGW C++ compiler and compiling and installing all the three dozen or so libraries needed to compile this thing from scratch on Windows.  Thanks to the Audacious Team’s detailed and concise instructions for building on Windows, I was able to do this with only a few minor glitches (all now resolved).  For the brave techies, the gory build instruction details (including the issues I encountered and corrected) are included in the “Fauxdacious/share/” directory (fauxdacious_buildnotes.htm) created by the installer when you install (or the audacious/contrib/win32/notes.html file in the source tarballs, downloadable separately from the same site).
UPDATE (6/5/17):  Version 3.83-beta3 Released (Adds DVD-Player Plugin!)
UPDATE (3/18/17):  Version 3.83-beta1 Released
UPDATE (3/8/17):  Version 3.82-final Released
UPDATE (2/16/17):  Version 3.82-beta2 Released
UPDATE (1/31/17):  Version 3.81-final Released!

* Added ability to directly play tunein.com radio stations using the station’s tunein.com website url (as opposed to having to manually dig out the actual live-streaming urls).  This requires the new helper script in the contrib/ directory (getTuneinStream.pl) installed in your path, and installing the new Perl modules “LWP::Simple” and “Tunein::Streams” from CPAN (www.cpan.org).  NOTE:  On Windows version, you’ll need to add the config file line:  tunein_helper=getTuneinStream.exe to the [audacious] section (This file will likely be in c:\Users\<your-user-id>\AppData\Local\audacious\config created after the first time you run fauxdacious)!

* Added headers to all columns in GTK playlist.  Previously, some column headers were not shown since they were longer than the default column width (as determined by a boolean array ui_playlist_widget.cc:pw_col_label).  I added a separate array of “short” names (columns.cc:pw_col_headers) so that all columns are now properly labeled and understood without making them unnecessarily wide.

* Merged in Audacious pulls# 361a6fc, c3b0659, b96fbd4, c1fe83b, 11e4915, 8bea900, 25dd624, 65af13f; and plugin pulls# 25dd624, 0bcc904, 0abceec, eb3e8a8, 45c1f38, a21e4a2

* Fixed Audacious-rejected bug# 681 to make pause just do pause, as it should!

* Fixed audtool –help to work even if unable to connect to dbus.

* Merged in Audacious pulls# 5297008, a67d6be, b321ee5, and c3287dd; and plugins pulls# bf6661e, 403020b and 8174f13, addressing Audacious bugs: 560 and 685.

* Added comments as another optional column field to the playlist table (GTK interface) and made it sortable.  I had started to add this and (on the SAME day, the Audacious team added it, so I dropped my work and merged theirs!  The files I changed were almost identical to their changes, but they had finished the ones I hadn’t gotten to).  I wanted to make each column sort when clicking on the header (like my Tk::HMListbox), but this was going to be a huge boondoggle.

Fauxdacious Installer
Fauxdacious Initial Setup Screen – Inno Setup Wizard
Fauxdacious Screenshot
Screenshot of Faudacious playing a video and using the default WinAmp skin with the main, playlist, and equalizer windows all displayed.
UPDATE (11/16):  Version 3.8-final Released!

* Fixed two huge memory leaks in ffaudio by using smart-pointers to open input file, frames, and properly flushing and destroying queues.

* Added queueing for audio packets when playing video.  This makes for smoother video-play while allowing for a reduction in the queue-size which improves audio-video syncing.  The default “video_qsize” value is now 8 instead of 16.

* Added separate config option [youtubedl].video_qsize (default: use [ffaudio].video_qsize) for Youtube-DL video streams, which seem to need a bigger queue.

* Removed the [Services].[Eject CD] from Windows version, since it doesn’t work anyway because it requires a command that is not included with Windows.

* Added a few lines of code to copy selected playlist entry URLs / files to the PRIMARY selection when copying so that they can be retrieved / pasted into other applications.

* Merged in latest Audacious v3.81 beta commit:  (plugins.wavout) 5ddf097, closing Audacious bug#676.

TODO:  (FIXED in v3.82-beta1):  The only known unresolved issues (Windows version) are audio is sometimes lost when jumping from some videos to audio playlist items when using the SDL Output plug-in, non-issue if using the new Waveout plug-in, and the Windows version does not always shut down the video window when shutting down without stopping playback first.  Avoidable by stopping playback before shutting down program.  Windows version also sometimes produces black playback window when stopping and restarting play on same item fixable by advancing playlist.  I Also probably need to add a “file-association” in the Windows setup wizard to associate .xspm (playlist files) with Fauxdacious.  I need to create a DEB package too, but looking at the documentation howto for that just gave me a headache.  At least John Lindgren’s Audacious build instructions for Windows were concise by comparisen!

UPDATE (10/31):  Version 3.8-beta2 Released 

* Added config-based file for user-added tag metadata and new config-file option:  [Audacious].user_tag_data.  Specify TRUE to activate this feature, FALSE or omit to keep old behavior. This permits user to save “song info” for streams (urls) and other files who’s decoder does not permit saving tag metadata into the media file itself.  I added this to be able to assign readable titles to radio streams that otherwise just show the (useless) url in the title making it difficult to see which station I’m playing.

* Added the song info popup “balloon” that currently pops up over the playlist when the user has the existing option “show_filepopup_for_tuple” option set to TRUE to also pop up now for the currently-playing song when user hovers the mouse over the middle (equalizer / time part) of the main window (Winamp Skins interface) whenever the main window is “shaded” (rolled up into a thin line).  This now makes it possible to see what is playing without having to pop up the playlist (since nothing regarding the current song is otherwise displayed when the main window is shaded)!

* Massively improved video window-resizing, tweaked video-scaling smoothness to improve video quality back to SDL1 level (fixed small degradation in SDL2).

* Added resizing feature to allow user to shrink video window below a user-specified size (default 149×149, user-configurable by the 2 new config file variables:  [ffaudio].video_doreset_width and ffaudio].video_doreset_height) and have it snap back to it’s originally-requested size.

* Fixed video-play to work in headless mode.

* Additional minor tweaks to improve video efficiency.

UPDATE (10/25):  Version 3.8-beta1 Released  Snapshotted latest Audacious v3.8 GIT as of 2016/10/13 and manually refactored and reapplied all Fauxdacious features and changes.

* Rewrote the ffmpeg plugin (ffaudio-core.cc) to use SDL2 for video and latest ffmpeg / avcodec API while remaining backward-compatable with prev. ffmpeg release (now compiles without warnings (these were all “depreciated” warnings).  This also eliminates muting issues on playback when using the SDL “Output” audio system and the nasty manual-editing of separate Makefile and extra.mk files for Linux and Windows. Also refactored and tweaked to slightly better optimize video performance and include all Audacious v3.8 improvements possible (excluding their new “SmartPtr” and “Scoped” structs) which I was not able to get fully working compatably with Fauxdacious video features.

* Added a [Close] button to the Equalizer window in the GTK interface.

* Merged in post-3.8 final commits:  97257b6 and (plugins) 43a6bf1.

UPDATE (5/31):  Version 3.74-beta2  Fixed glitch that prevented creating song-specific Equalizer Auto-presets for Cue-file based songs. Added the song / video title to the Fauxdacious Video window titlebar.  Merged Audacious commits:  3be5957, 450984e, e12ae5d, 2349933, d768ae1, 3cd305e, 60c4632, 475490c, 5384dc5, b855336, b34cbdb, c729ff5, ad0a172, 6b5bfae, 96a19b5, 5a8d6e5, and Plugin commits:  4ededd4 and ebf17e6.  Eliminated (most) compiler warnings in ffaudio-core.cc from “depreciated” AVCodec stuff. Obtained a working version of libcue and compiled that in. Updated the Win32 build notes in the contrib directory to reflect additional Fauxdacious requirements and fixes for module compilation issues.  Added the Inno Setup build file (Fauxdacious.iss) to the share directory.  If you don’t trust me fearing that I might’ve put any malware (I didn’t!) in Faudacious, you can download the full source and build instructions to examine and or re-build it yourself!

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