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Fauxdacious Version 3.83-beta1 Released

Fauxdacious Version 3.83-beta1 Released for Linux and Windows: 

* FIXED occasional “black screens” when re-starting videos on Windows version (never affected Linux/Unix versions)!

* FIXED video screen not always shutting down when Fauxdacious is stopped mid-play in a video on Windows version (never affected Linux/Unix versions)!  This closes Fauxdacious issue# 1

* Eliminated “hackey” code to always “rescan” ffaudio plugin for “early” initialization of SDL2.  This will (hopefully) now permit release of our video-capable ffaudio for users of mainline Audacious.

* Added ability to play Youtube and Vimeo videos directly (with seek!) via new optional user-supplied helper program/script (similar to and which REPLACES the recently-added “tunein_helper” script: With this new option ([audacious].url_helper), one can use this script to alter ANY url!  The new (included) script, in contrib (which will handle youtube, vimeo, and tunein urls via a regular expression) is  Copy it from the contrib directory to your executable path, and add “” in the “audacious” section of your config file and remove the “tunein_helper” line. NOTE: If running M$-Windows, a binary version (FauxdaciousUrlHelper.exe) is already in your path with fauxdacious and faudtool)!  You will, however, need to add the “url_helper” line above to your config file (/Users//AppData/Local/audacious/config). For Windows, you must also add another section ([neon] and the line:  “ignore_ssl_certs=TRUE” in order to play youtube and vimeo videos!

* Upgraded libneon and added SSL capability (to get the https: stream urls returned for youtube and vimeo to play).

* Merged selected Audacious plugin commits:  fb2d50a, 4c38261, and 221c248, closing Audacious bug# 702.

Fauxdacious Version 3.82-final Released

Fauxdacious Version 3.82-final Released for Linux and Windows: 

* Fully updated the Fauxdacious Github site and will now keep changes updated there as commits.

* Added the ability to capture the thumbnail images (“cover art”) associated with youtube video streams. This also involved changing the script.  It now uses youtube-dl to fetch and download the thumbnail file when the other tag metadata is fetched.  By default, it stores them in the /tmp directory, but you can change this in the aforementioned perl script.

* GTK equalizer:  Added the [Auto] checkbox, (and relabeled the [Reset to Zero] button to [Flat] to make room for it), and added a two-state indicator icon to the [Preset] button to indicate whether a song-specific preset file is currently in use (so the GTK equalizer now works the same way the Winamp Skins equalizer).

* Fixed playlist column headers in the QT interface to work like the GTK version, labeling all unlabeled column headers using the same abbreviations we used in GTK.  Also on the QT side, there’s an optional “Now Playing” column (header was blank, but is now labeled “On”) which was useless (always blank), but now shows an asterisk next to the currently playing song (The GTK side does not offer this column, but the currently playing song is displayed in bold type).

* Tweaked instance name / dbus handling by adding instance names to the window titles (as Audacious does with their instance numbers) and also making numbers valid as instance names allowing one to specify the commandline option “-#” (ie. -1, -2, etc. in lieu of “–new=1, etc.) for compatability with Audacious.  The config directories work the same as Fauxdacious instance names with underscores, ie. ~/.config/audacious_1 (~/.config/audacious_instancename) instead of ~/.config/audacious-1, etc. though.  TODO:  Quitting the QT interface exits with a bunch of “dbus errors” (warnings) (even before these changes) that I haven’t been able to explain, though everything still shuts down normally.

* More leaks, more tweaks to (video playing) and others.  So far this seems to have pretty much eliminated memory-usage growth creep when using SDL1 and further reduced it for SDL2.  Audio-only in both appears to be leak-free.  I have not yet been able to completely isolate the source of the slight growth in SDL2 (over repeated play of a video) though.  Also added new config option:  [ffaudio].video_render_scale.  Default is 1, but valid values are 0, 1, or 2.  Sets the SDL_HINT_VIDEO_RENDER_SCALE_QUALITY hint value.  I think I also have the “black video screen on replay” issue on the Windows version fixed.  TODO:  The only remaining issue is that the video window still doesn’t always close when exiting Fauxdacious with the video window playing (on Windows version only – this was never an issue except on Windows).

* Merged in Audacious pull request #45:  “Add SOCKS proxy support.” as written.

* Merged ALL Audacious commits since 2119d19 through b216d4e; and (since then) 0ee73f2, d1463c1, 8700688, 217a39f, 4da2cb8, 236ee1d, d6e115e, and f47bede; and plugin commits since ab45ec5 through 585518c (everything through 2/13), including their resolution of the issue with plugin pull# eaf7949; and (since then) 5e9fc66, f4c9b02, 5b50d20, and 400825a.

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