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Fauxdacious Version 3.83-beta1 Released

Fauxdacious Version 3.83-beta1 Released for Linux and Windows: 

* FIXED occasional “black screens” when re-starting videos on Windows version (never affected Linux/Unix versions)!

* FIXED video screen not always shutting down when Fauxdacious is stopped mid-play in a video on Windows version (never affected Linux/Unix versions)!  This closes Fauxdacious issue# 1

* Eliminated “hackey” code to always “rescan” ffaudio plugin for “early” initialization of SDL2.  This will (hopefully) now permit release of our video-capable ffaudio for users of mainline Audacious.

* Added ability to play Youtube and Vimeo videos directly (with seek!) via new optional user-supplied helper program/script (similar to and which REPLACES the recently-added “tunein_helper” script: getTuneinStream.pl). With this new option ([audacious].url_helper), one can use this script to alter ANY url!  The new (included) script, in contrib (which will handle youtube, vimeo, and tunein urls via a regular expression) is FauxdaciousUrlHelper.pl.  Copy it from the contrib directory to your executable path, and add “url_helper=FauxdaciousUrlHelper.pl” in the “audacious” section of your config file and remove the “tunein_helper” line. NOTE: If running M$-Windows, a binary version (FauxdaciousUrlHelper.exe) is already in your path with fauxdacious and faudtool)!  You will, however, need to add the “url_helper” line above to your config file (/Users//AppData/Local/audacious/config). For Windows, you must also add another section ([neon] and the line:  “ignore_ssl_certs=TRUE” in order to play youtube and vimeo videos!

* Upgraded libneon and added SSL capability (to get the https: stream urls returned for youtube and vimeo to play).

* Merged selected Audacious plugin commits:  fb2d50a, 4c38261, and 221c248, closing Audacious bug# 702.

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